Travel - May 16, 2023

Orlando Rebounds: Tourist Numbers Reach Nearly 74 Million by 2022

Orlando, Florida, continues to show signs of recovery in the tourism sector, as evidenced by the more than 74 million tourists who visited the region in 2022. This number represents a significant jump from the previous year, with a 25% increase. While it has not yet reached pre-pandemic levels, it is an important milestone on the recovery path.

After dealing with the severe impacts of the pandemic of COVID-19, which resulted in the temporary closure of the region’s famous theme parks, Orlando saw a significant increase in domestic tourism. With more than 69 million visitors coming from the country, most of them coming to enjoy a vacation, this segment has fully recovered.

However, the business tourism sector is still in the process of recovery and remains below pre-pandemic levels. The flow of business visitors has not yet equaled that seen before the travel restrictions and convention cancellations.

Regarding international tourism, about 4.9 million tourists visited Orlando in 2022. While this is a significant amount, it represents only about three-quarters of the numbers recorded before the pandemic. The main countries of origin of these visitors were Canada and the United Kingdom, highlighting the importance of international markets for Orlando tourism.

This gradual rebound in tourism to Orlando is a positive sign for the region and reflects travelers’ desire to once again explore and enjoy the attractions that have made Orlando such a popular destination. The tourism industry is working tirelessly to provide safe and memorable experiences, recognizing the potential for continued growth in the near future.

With continued safety measures and growing tourist confidence, Orlando is expected to continue to regain its position as one of the world’s top tourist destinations as more people embark on leisure and business trips.

Text credits: Flavio Bergmann / Guilherme Ferreira 

Photo credits: photomontage: Vinícius Pascoal

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