Travel - September 28, 2017

One Aviation offering anti-skid brake retrofit on Eclipse 500s

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]ne Aviation is offering anti-skid brakes as a standalone retrofit on Eclipse 500 very light jets.

The Advent Aerospace-designed system, known as eABS, can be installed on all models that have received an update of their IS&S integrated flight management system to the 2.08 standard.

This represents around 100 of the 300 Eclipse aircraft that have been delivered since the first iteration entered service in 2007.

Anti-skid brakes were introduced as standard on the Eclipse 550, which was launched in 2013, with a host of other new features including a new flightdeck, synthetic and enhanced vision displays and auto-throttles.

Anti-skid brakes have also been available as part of the airframer’s Total Eclipse upgrade package for the VLJ, which includes the IS&S cockpit, auto-throttles and PPG glass windshield.

One Aviation says the $79,950 retrofit “allows the pilot to apply maximum braking without worrying about locking up, or skidding a wheel, or losing directional control, even when the runway is contaminated with rain, snow or patchy ice”.

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