Travel - March 8, 2018

A new generation of supersonic jets is arriving!

You’re in NYC and need to get to London very fast? Sir Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group, wants to help you!

Together with the startup Boom, the billionaire promises the rebirth of supersonic passenger flights. The new prototype aircraft promises 3.5-hour flights from London to New York for an “affordable” $5,000 return.

The test of this novelty will start in California very soon, and the first commercial departures are scheduled for 2023. Boom will have 45 to 50 seats, which makes it very exclusive, and the ticket’s price is being compared to Business Class tickets.

The plane could work on 500 different routes but would concentrate initially on London to New York, San Francisco to Tokyo, and Los Angeles to Sydney.

Boom Supersonic isn’t the only company working on this new jet technology, though.

NASA has previously made noise about a similar hypersonic jet that will benefit from an ultra-lightweight nanotube building material to achieve greater speeds.

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