Travel - May 10, 2023

Lake Nona Wave Hotel debuts with wall-to-wall smart windows in all rooms

The Lake Nona Wave Hotel is the world’s largest hotel with smart windows and opened in December 2021. Located in the community of Lake Nona, Florida, the hotel is noted for using technology to improve the health and productivity of guests.

The technology used in the hotel is provided by View, Inc. a leader in smart building technologies. All 234 rooms at the Lake Nona Wave Hotel feature View’s Smart Windows, which use artificial intelligence to automatically adjust room light and temperature according to outside conditions.

View’s smart windows do not require blinds, which gives guests an unobstructed view of the outdoor landscape and maximizes the entry of natural light into the room. This brings benefits to the occupants’ health and well-being, such as improved sleep quality and reduced stress and anxiety.

View and Tavistock Development Company, developer of the Lake Nona community, are partners in several construction projects in Lake Nona. View’s Smart Windows have already been installed in five buildings in the area, and there are plans to include them in more than 30 additional buildings.

According to Nick Beucher, president of Tavistock Development Company, the partnership with View is a critical part of the company’s strategy to reimagine the built environment and improve the way people live, travel and work.

With the Lake Nona Wave Hotel, Tavistock Development Company seeks to integrate technology and hospitality in ways that delight hotel guests and improve their health and well-being. View’s Smart Windows are one of the focal points of this quest, providing an unparalleled guest experience and enhancing the sustainability of the hotel.

Text credits: Flavio Bergmann / Guilherme Ferreira 

Photo credits: photomontage:Lake Nona Wave Hotel by Vinícius Pascoal

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