Travel - March 13, 2018

The First Class: travelling with style and comfort

The lifestyle of the rich and the famous! That’s something many want, but only a few have. But coming to think of it, it may not be so great if you are a discrete and quiet person.

On the other hand, you don’t need to be famous to be rich and enjoy all the best the world can provide. To this people, airline companies created the First Class. A way to travel with all the possible style and comfort money can buy.

As the technologies evolved, so did the First Class experience, which passed from extra leg room and better food to luxurious suites and private cocoons. Among the newest luxuries available on the TOP 7 First Classes we can find virtual windows, 40 square feet suites, binoculars, Bulgari amenities kit and zero gravity chairs (which are inspired by NASA technology).

This year airlines announced many new amenities, small luxuries and put to the test what can be fitted inside an airplane. Here are seven of the best first-class experiences in no particular order:

1 Emirates First Class Suites Boeing 777

2 Air France La Premiere Boeing 777

3 Etihad Airways The Residence Airbus A380

4 Singapore Airlines First Class Suites Airbus A380

5 Cathay Pacific First Class Boeing 777

6 Swiss First Class Boeing 777

7 Lufthansa First Class Boeing 747

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