Travel - November 20, 2023

Exploring Limits: Epic Flights of the Boeing 737 MAX

This month, Boeing 737 MAX aircraft are venturing into new horizons, undertaking some of the longest flights in the world. Among the variants, the MAX 8 emerges as the main star, widely recognized for its remarkable efficiency and popularity among airlines.

With its advanced technology and more efficient engines, the 737 MAX 8 demonstrates its prowess by performing “long-distance flights.” This leading variant of the MAX family has an impressive range of just over 4,000 miles (6,437 km). Additionally, its slightly larger sibling, the MAX 9, also participates, flying routes that exceed 3,000 miles (4,828 km) this month, contributing to the notable reputation of the world’s longest 737 MAX flights.

According to Cirium data, eight airlines worldwide are at the forefront of these epic flights. TUI fly Nordic, a Swedish charter airline, leads the way with flight 6B 647, operated by the MAX 8, covering a distance of 3,864 miles (6,218 km). This extraordinary flight, with an average duration of seven hours and 45 minutes, departs from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport towards the distant Aristides Pereira International Airport, located in Cape Verde on the island of Boa Vista. Presented as part of a seasonal offering, this unique service is scheduled for the month of November, providing a one-of-a-kind experience for passengers. Other frequencies are scheduled for Saturdays, departing from Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport.

These exceptional flights not only showcase the advanced capabilities of the Boeing 737 MAX but also open doors to exciting possibilities in the world of commercial aviation. As aircraft continue to push the boundaries, aviation enthusiasts eagerly await to see which unexplored destinations will be reached by the next generation of 737 MAX flights.

Text credits:By Journalist Flávio Bergmann

photomontage: by Vinícius Pascoal


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