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Airports in Latin America: Highlighting Traffic, Cargo, and Aircraft Movements in 2022

The Airport Council International – Latin America and the Caribbean (ACI-LAC) released today the results of the ranking of the most prominent airports in the region in the year 2022, encompassing criteria such as passenger traffic, cargo operations, and aircraft movements. The list revealed a predominance of hubs located in Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil, which are the largest aviation markets in Latin America.

Cargo in Focus: El Dorado, Mexico City, and Santiago de Chile

When it comes to cargo operations, the top airports in the region in 2022 were El Dorado, located in Colombia, followed by Mexico City International Airport and Santiago de Chile International Airport. These airports led the ranking due to the efficiency of their logistical operations, solidifying their importance in international trade.

Completing the list of the top ten airports in cargo operations, we find Guarulhos, Viracopos, Quito, San Juan, Lima, Guadalajara, and Ezeiza International. These airports played vital roles in cargo transportation networks, connecting global and regional markets and facilitating the flow of goods and merchandise.

Aircraft Movements: Leadership of MEX, Bogotá, and Guarulhos

Regarding the number of aircraft movements, Mexico City International Airport (MEX) took the first position with an impressive total of 384,450 movements. Bogotá, Colombia, came in second place, registering 296,777 movements, while Guarulhos, Brazil, secured the third place with 242,888 movements. These airports are vital hubs of air connectivity, serving as transit points for travelers and cargo.

Passenger Leaders: Tourist Destinations and Urban Centers

The list of the top ten airports in Latin America in terms of passenger traffic in 2022 was led by Cancun International Airport, with a notable total of 30.48 million passengers. Lima, Santiago de Chile, Congonhas, Tocumen, Guadalajara, and Brasília completed the list, showcasing the diversity of tourist destinations and urban centers that the region has to offer.

The Dominance of Hubs in Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil

It’s no surprise that hubs in the largest aviation markets in Latin America, Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil, dominated the ranking. These countries have robust airport infrastructure, positioning themselves as significant hubs for air transit within the region and beyond.

The results of the 2022 ACI-LAC ranking highlight the continued relevance of these airports in the global air transportation network and their contribution to local and regional economies. As aviation continues to play a crucial role in global connectivity, these airports are at the forefront of promoting trade, tourism, and cultural exchange in Latin America.

Text credits:By Journalist Flávio Bergmann

photomontage: by Vinícius Pascoal

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