Sports - September 18, 2023

Unleashing Power: TC America Roars at Sebring

As the TC America Powered by Skip Barber field converges for the season’s penultimate face-off, all eyes are on the legendary Sebring International Raceway. Renowned for its punishing undulations and tricky corners, Sebring has always been a litmus test for both man and machine. With only a handful of races left this season, the competition is fierce, and each point earned here is a stride closer to glory.

TCX: Clash of the Titans

Colin Garrett, commanding his No. 44 Rooster Hall Racing BMW M2 CS (Cup), has emerged as a formidable force in the TCX class. His impeccable show at Road America, seizing four wins and five podiums this season, has made him the one to watch. However, Lucas Catania in his No. 26 Rigid Speed Company BMW M2 CS (Cup) is hot on his heels. The upcoming races at Sebring will be pivotal in determining the TCX class champion.

Kenny Schmied, clinching his first podium of the season in his No. 14 AOA Racing BMW M2 CS (Cup), is eager to capitalize on that success. Maddie Aust, driving the No. 09 BMW M2 CS (Cup) for Fast Track Racing, is looking to bounce back after a challenging round. The TCX class promises a thrilling battle at Sebring, with drivers determined to leave their mark.

TC: Titans Clash and Points Soar…

The relentless championship rivalry between Clayton Williams and Jeff Ricca continues to unfold in the TC class. With victories traded throughout the season, the fight for supremacy remains unfaltering. Ricca’s triumph in Race One at Road America and Williams’ retort in Race Two underscore their unwavering resolve. The Sebring races could mark the turning point in this riveting championship saga, determining the leader in the championship. Let’s not forget Celso Neto with SkipBarber Racing, currently in third place, adding to the suspense.

TCA: Anderson vs. Bucknum – The Battle for Dominance

In the TCA class, the heated rivalry between Devin Anderson and Spencer Bucknum has been the highlight of the season. Their thrilling duel has seen each round end in a victory dance, keeping fans on the edge of their seats. As they prepare to face off at Sebring, both drivers are acutely aware that every lap counts in this closely contested championship.

The Honda Challenge: Heat, Power, and Precision

The scorching Florida heat adds an extra layer of challenge to the TC America races. For the Skip Barber Racing School’s Honda Civic Type R, led by Celso Neto, the heat becomes a critical factor. The Honda’s performance under the blazing sun will be under close scrutiny, and strategic decisions will be made to optimize power and grip in these testing conditions.

Celso Neto’s Debut: A Brazilian Sensation

Celso Neto’s debut in the Brazilian NASCAR, representing the Skip Barber Racing team alongside the legendary Beto Monteiro in car #88, was nothing short of spectacular. The collaboration amplifies Neto’s exceptional racing journey. As they unleash their horsepower on the Sebring track, racing enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the spectacle.

As the roar of engines and the scent of burning rubber fill the Florida air, Sebring International Raceway will bear witness to a racing spectacle that showcases the grit, determination, and skill of these exceptional drivers. The battle for victory is fierce, and the chase for the championship intensifies. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride as TC America takes on Sebring!


Text credits:By Journalist Flávio Bergmann

photomontage: the TC America by Vinícius Pascoal


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