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Thrilling Weekend Ahead at VIR Raceway for SkipBarber Racing School Team

SRO America NOLA 2023

This weekend, all eyes are set on the exhilarating race event at VIR Raceway as the SkipBarber Racing School Team gears up to compete in the SRO TC America Championship. Known for its iconic status and countryside charm, VIR Raceway promises to provide a thrilling backdrop with its vast elevation changes, sweeping corners, and lengthy straightaways. The unique characteristics of this track are expected to favor the cars with powerful powertrains, setting the stage for an epic and visually stunning racing spectacle.

Leading the charge for the SkipBarber Racing School Team are a group of talented drivers. Celso Neto, driving car #7, joins the team for the first time at VIR, bringing his passion and determination to conquer this challenging circuit. Alongside him, Will Lambros in car #77, Cooper Broll in car #19, Jeremiah Burton in car #34, and the dynamic duo of Carter Fartuch and Matt Forbush in car #37 complete the formidable lineup. Each driver brings their unique skills and competitive spirit to the track, making for an exciting blend of talent and camaraderie within the team.

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The VIR Raceway stands out as a significant contrast to the previous tracks, adding an extra layer of anticipation and challenge. The circuit’s picturesque surroundings and its undulating terrain demand utmost precision, focus, and adaptability from the drivers. With its long straights and varying elevation changes, VIR Raceway presents a true test of skill and strategy. As the cars race through the winding sections and push the limits on the straightaways, spectators can expect heart-pounding moments and intense battles for position.

For Celso Neto, the weekend at VIR marks a special milestone in his racing journey. Stepping onto this legendary circuit for the first time, he is eager to leave his mark and showcase his driving prowess. With the support of the SkipBarber Racing School Team, Celso aims to deliver a memorable performance that embodies the team’s dedication, hard work, and unwavering determination.

As the SRO TC America Championship unfolds at VIR Raceway, motorsport enthusiasts and fans alike can anticipate an unforgettable spectacle. The combination of the circuit’s unique characteristics, the talent of the SkipBarber Racing School Team drivers, and the intense competition among the various teams promises to deliver an action-packed and visually stunning race event.

Stay tuned as the SkipBarber Racing School Team takes on the challenges of VIR Raceway, striving to conquer the circuit, break records, and leave a lasting impression on both the fans and their competitors.

VIR Raceway Schedule:

Friday, 16 June:
– Practice 1 TC America: 9:15 am

– Practice 2 TC America: 2:30 pm

Saturday, 17 June:
– Qualifying TC America: 8:30 am
– Race 1 TC America: 11:15 am
– Driver Autograph Session: 1:00 pm

Sunday, 18 June:
– Race 2 TC America: 9:50 am

Please note that the schedule is subject to change. Stay tuned for any updates or adjustments.

Text credits:  Flavio Bergmann / Guilherme Ferreira 

Photo credits: photomontage: Vinícius Pascoal


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