Sports - September 19, 2023

Pre-Racing Buzz at Sebring: TC America Heads to the Iconic Speedway

The Sebring International Speedway, renowned as the home of the prestigious 24 Hours of Sebring, is gearing up to host an adrenaline-fueled weekend of racing as part of the SRO Motorsports America calendar. This iconic circuit has witnessed legendary battles and intense racing over the years, making it a fitting setting for the TC America series.

*Championship Standings Ahead of Sebring:*

After an electrifying weekend at Road America, the TC America championship standings have set the stage for an epic showdown at Sebring. The competition is incredibly close, adding an extra layer of excitement as the racers head towards the season finale in early October at Indianapolis.

Here’s a glimpse of the current championship standings:

1. Williams: 194 points (Car: Mini) – Leading the pack
2. Ricca: 159 points (Car: Hyundai) – 35 points behind the leader
3. Neto: 147 points (Car: Honda) – 12 points behind Ricca
4. Perocarpi: 125 points (Car: Mini) – 22 points behind Neto
5. McNulty: 105 points (Car: Hyundai) – 20 points behind Perocarpi
6. Valdez: 66 points (Car: Honda)
7. Burton: 58 points (Car: Honda)
8. Hurczyn: 42 points (Car: Honda)
9. Fukuda: 8 points (Car: Honda)

Adding to the anticipation, VGRT team has thrilled fans with the announcement that young driver Rubens Junior will be taking the wheel of the Honda Civic TypeR TC number 8 for this weekend’s races. The dynamics on the track are expected to get even more exciting with this development.

As the TC America contenders rev up their engines and prepare to tackle the challenging Sebring circuit, the stakes are high. The Sebring Speedway, known for its intense heat, presents a tough battleground where the Hyundais and Minis typically showcase their strength. The Honda cars, on the other hand, tend to face challenges due to a significant loss of horsepower in these hot conditions.

Weather might also play a crucial role in the proceedings, with the possibility of rain  or thunderstorms shaking up the grid and adding an unpredictable element to the races.

Stay tuned for live updates as TC America takes on the iconic Sebring International Speedway. The action is sure to be intense, promising a weekend of racing thrills and high-speed drama.

Text credits:By Journalist Flávio Bergmann

photomontage: the TC America by Vinícius Pascoal


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