Sports - May 2, 2023

Exciting Weekend of Racing at NOLA Motorsports Park: A Detailed Look

This past weekend, NOLA Motorsports Park hosted an exhilarating series of races, with several standout performances that captivated fans and kept them on the edge of their seats. One of the most impressive competitors was Celso Neto, who achieved his best results yet in the TC America championship.

Race #1:

Celso Neto started the weekend strong by securing his first-ever pole position in the TC America championship, having already claimed pole positions in other racing series. However, during the first race, he lost his lead to the Mini of Cristian Perocarpi. As the race progressed, Jeff Ricca in his Hyundai Elantra N managed to overtake both Perocarpi and Neto, claiming the first position.

The battle between Celso Neto and Cristian Perocarpi persisted throughout the race, with Neto eventually overtaking the Mini after a yellow flag was lifted around the outside into turn 1. In a thrilling finish, Neto managed to claim second place by overtaking Perocarpi in the final corner, securing his first podium in the 2023 season.

Race #2:

On Sunday, the grid for the second race saw Jeff Ricca in pole position, followed by Perocarpi, Celso Neto, and Clayton Williams. Perocarpi experienced brake issues, forcing him to start from the pit lane. The real battle of the race was for the second position, with Celso Neto in his Honda Civic Type R #7 and Clayton Williams in his Mini #60 constantly fighting for the spot.

After a thrilling back-and-forth, Celso Neto was able to secure his second consecutive second-place finish, making this weekend his best performance in the TC America championship thus far.

As the racing community eagerly awaits the consolidated numbers from the weekend, anticipation builds for the upcoming races in the TC America championship. With this remarkable weekend as a foundation, Celso Neto and his fellow competitors are sure to continue delivering thrilling action and exceptional displays of talent as the season continues.

credits Publication: Flavio Bergmann

Photo credits: photomontage Vinícius Pascoal

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