Sports - August 30, 2021

Celso Pedrosa Neto wins the Brazilian Midwest Touring Racing Cup

Midwest Cup champion, racing driver Celso Pedrosa Neto talks with Nona Today about the race, his career, and the future after this great touring car event in Brazil, hosted alongside several national and South American champions.

Despite the presence of several national champions at the International Ayrton Senna Speedway in the city of Goiânia, Brazil, newcomer racing driver Celso Pedrosa Neto came out as the winner of the Midwest Tourism Racing Cup at the B category class.

Driving a 1.4-liter engine car, Neto scored most points during the 3-day event, winning in the full grid from the B class. Neto’s car had the highest score over the weekend, with him getting second place in two races and first place in the B class race.

The next race is scheduled for September, again in Goiânia, where Celso Neto will race at the Midwest Cup and at the National Tourism class.

According to the driver himself, these results from the weekend represent an awesome score due to his car’s engine being a little weaker than the rest. “We raced with a borrowed engine and borrowed vehicle and still got a great score, even scoring the second-best time on Sunday”, says Neto in a quick interview with Nona Today.

Celso Neto is currently the vice-champion from last year’s Midwest Cup in the 1.6-liter car category. He is sponsored by American Medical, Oeste Cotton and others.

About the Cup

The Midwest Brands and Driver’s Cup is a 1.4-liter and 1.6-liter touring cars set of races. The races are following all sanitary protocols in combating the transmission of Covid-19, which includes testing all involved participants.

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