Sports - March 12, 2022

Celso Neto’s difficult choice between Single-seaters and GT cars.

Every driver who wants to pursue a solid and successful career, comes to a certain point when he and his staff have to choose whether to go in single-seaters (Kart, F3, F2 and F1) or go to Touring cars. Usually they are still young, as is the case of driver Celso Neto, who is only 17 years old and has recently made this choice.

With a start in Karting, at the age of six, he started his career in the USA and went through experience in the Touring categories such as the Maxda MX5 and in Brazil he participated in the Mineiro and Goiano 1.4 championships, Turismo Nacional and was Champion of the Mid West Cup. Before his decision, the young driver just this year did 60 laps in a Formula 3 car.

Celso Neto just this year did 60 laps in a Formula 3 car

The option to develop his career in Brazil and the dream of reaching the Stock Car Pro Series, helped in the decision to join the Stock Car Series, the main feeder series to the Stock Car Pro series.

“We are the result of Vicar’s beautiful project, which since last year has united Turismo Nacional with the Stock Car ladder, thus strengthening both championships and helping drivers like Celso Neto, who has a lot of talent and is now going to do some adaptation races in the Stock Car Series this year, to do the whole season in 2023″, said Hélio Brandão, team boss.

StockCar Series scheduled for March 20th in Goiânia

The first race of the year in the new car and in the new division is scheduled for March 20th in Goiânia. AMED/Brandão Motorsports is sponsored by AMED S/A, Oeste Cotton, Supermed, Primmoz Builders and Dipromed.



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