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Celso Neto and Beto Monteiro Secure Fifth Place in Nascar Brazil Sprint Race with Spectacular Debut as a Duo

Location: São Paulo, Brazil Date: September 12, 2023

The Velocitta racetrack, located in the interior of São Paulo, witnessed an electrifying spectacle this past weekend as drivers Celso Neto and Beto Monteiro made their joint debut in the Nascar Brazil Sprint Race.

The partnership between these two talented drivers delivered excitement as they clinched an impressive fifth-place finish in the PRO category after three thrilling races.

The joining of forces between Celso Neto and Beto Monteiro had already generated high expectations in the Brazilian motorsports world, and they did not disappoint. Right from the outset, they displayed incredible synergy, which translated into a strong performance on the track.

Celso Neto and Beto Monteiro demonstrated remarkable driving skills and strategy. They showcased their resilience in facing challenges on the track against renowned competitors from the global motorsports scene.

With aggressive yet calculated driving, they managed to overcome obstacles and remained consistent in their performances. Celso Neto and Beto Monteiro truly shone, and their fifth-place finish in the PRO category has put them on the radar of motorsports enthusiasts and competitors in the Nascar Brazil Sprint Race. They exhibited an incredible ability to adapt to the demands of the track and a remarkable understanding of their machines.

After the race, Celso Neto expressed his satisfaction with the team’s

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performance and partnership with Beto Monteiro. “It was an incredible experience to compete alongside such an experienced driver like Beto. We are learning and evolving with each race. I hope we can have more opportunities,” Neto said. Beto Monteiro also shared his excitement: “We are just getting started. Fifth place is a significant step, but we know we can go even further. We are working hard and focused on improvement.” The future looks bright for this new and thrilling partnership in the world of racing.

In addition to their personal sponsors, they competed with the support of SkipBarber, the renowned American racing academy and the world’s largest automotive education and entertainment company. SkipBarber operates driving schools, including off-road programs, at the best tracks in the USA. It is composed of experienced drivers who excel in all major world championships, including IMSA, Formula 1, INDYCAR, NASCAR, and SRO.

Text credits:By Journalist Flávio Bergmann

photomontage: Chris Green  by Vinícius Pascoal

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