Sports - March 7, 2022

AMED/Brandão Motorsports announces new sponsor

It was during his first training session in the Stock Car Series car, in Goiânia/GO, that the AMED/Brandão Motorsports driver Celso Neto presented another sponsor for his season. The new sponsor is Supermed, a distributor of hospital products based in São Paulo.

“It is another solid company that joins our team. The team has a complete structure to maximize the return on investment of our supporters and we will spare no effort for this, both inside and outside the track”, said Hélio Brandão, team leader.

On its official Instagram account (@supermedbr) the company announced the partnership. “With immense joy and pride we announce this partnership that is already born victorious”, he published. The support is yet another recognition that the team is today a great option for companies that invest and do business through motorsport events.

Regarding the training, Celso Neto felt very comfortable, even though it was not yet carried out with the main race car. “We did more than 60 laps, it was in the secondary car, fast lap (reserve intended for promotional laps), but even so it is a Chevrolet V8 engine with 340 horsepower at the wheel, sequential gearbox, the chassis is a little different, it is an older generation, but I managed to feel the car well, it’s very fast, during the day we are making some adjustments and I’m sure that with each new practice we will always be evolving”, said Neto, straight from the Goiânia race track.

AMED/Brandão Motorsports is sponsored by AMED S/A, Oeste Cotton, Supermed, Primmoz Builders and Dipromed.

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