Real Estate - March 16, 2023

The Ultimate Destination for Luxury Living and Business Expansion

Lake Nona, a luxurious community situated in the heart of Orlando, Florida, is quickly becoming the ultimate destination for those seeking high-end living and business expansion opportunities. With a growing list of top corporations and wealthy individuals moving into the area, Lake Nona is fast becoming the most sought-after location in Florida.

One of the key attractions to the area is the Tavistock Development Company, which has created a master-planned community that seamlessly blends together residential and commercial developments. The community has attracted world-class companies, such as KPMG, Johnson and Johnson, Disney, SimCom, Voxx, Signature Air, and BBA Aviation, who have all relocated to Lake Nona.

In addition to its business-friendly environment, Lake Nona boasts top-tier education and healthcare options. The community is home to the Lake Nona Medical City, which houses the University of Central Florida’s Health Sciences Campus, the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Nemours Children’s Hospital, and the Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute. These facilities are at the forefront of healthcare research and provide excellent medical care to residents of the area.

Moreover, Lake Nona is a golfer’s paradise, with some of the best golf courses in Florida. The most notable golf course in the area is the Lake Nona Golf and Country Club, which was designed by Tom Fazio and is the home course of many PGA Tour players, including Tiger Woods.

But it’s not just the golf courses that attract celebrities to the area. The luxurious homes, scenic views, and world-class amenities make Lake Nona the perfect location for those looking for a luxurious lifestyle. Many well-known individuals have made Lake Nona their home, including golf legend Tiger Woods and billionaire Joe Lewis.

Residents of Lake Nona have access to some of the best schools in the area, including Lake Nona High School and Lake Nona Middle School, both of which have received an A grade from the Florida Department of Education.

Lake Nona’s proximity to Orlando International Airport and the new high-speed train line connecting Orlando to Miami make it an ideal location for businesses and residents alike.

In conclusion, Lake Nona is a rapidly growing community that offers a unique blend of luxury living and business expansion opportunities. With top-tier corporations and high-profile individuals choosing to relocate to the area, Lake Nona is quickly becoming the ultimate destination for those seeking a high-end lifestyle in Florida.

Lake Nona Golf & Country Club