Real Estate - December 3, 2017

The Florida Lounge: real dreams coming true

Here we are again! A place where many come to learn how to achieve success on American soil and where they can meet people telling their American dreams’ stories and how they came true. Welcome to The Florida Lounge 2nd Edition.

The businessman Alexandre Santos, 43, will discuss his success story in one of the lectures offered by the Lounge. For fifteen years in the United States, he has a trajectory that inspires those who want to try life outside Brazil.

“At that time I didn’t find a favorable scenario to open my business in Rio de Janeiro. I took advantage of the fact that there was an uncle living in the United States and I went there. I founded my company and now I’m doing the opposite: bringing American products to Brazil”.

Santos’ company, specialized in outdoor solutions, has the American face, with pergolas, synthetic grass and gas grills. The products arrived on Brazilian soil in 2011 and, from then on, Alexander is divided between Florida and Rio, where he was born.

“The decision to go to America changed my life completely, but I won’t give up the Brazilian market. I want to invest here and share everything I have learned, passing on to my children our culture and my optimism. This chance to help other Brazilian businessmen attracted me a lot.”

For those who want to embark and turn the dream into reality, the Lounge operates at the Rio Design Barra from November 24th to December 30th; schedules start at 11 am and go until 10 pm. All lectures are free of charge.

“This is the opportunity to know everything about living in Florida in Portuguese, close to home and for free. This type of service did not exist at the time I immigrated; it is a great facilitator even.”

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