Real Estate - December 24, 2018

Landscape architects accentuate luxury and exclusivity of homes in Lake Nona

“The Lake Nona Design Review Committee takes all phases of approval for new construction as well as reform, very seriously”, says James Miller

When you think about the home of your dreams, one of the realities that Lake Nona residents most appreciate is landscaping. After all, there’s nothing better than gardens planned to perfectly integrate a new residence into the spectacular nature of this special community of Orlando called Lake Nona.

Maintaining the beauty of the landscape, then, is one of the missions held by professionals hired to perform locally. That’s because Lake Nona is one of the few communities to apply for a certified landscape architect project for every home being built. Thus, constructors, architects and landscape architects should work as a true team when designing and building up luxury properties that are the hallmark of Lake Nona.

James Miller, landscape architect and member of the Lake Nona Design Review Committee since 1994, believes that “a luxury landscaping project is a well thought out plan as it is matures and is maintained properly. It should last each season, creating new elements of interest. A true landscape will continue to grow and change, becoming ever more beautiful and complex with each passing year.”

Mr. Miller is one of the most renowned landscape architects in the US, with over 35 years of experience. Graduated from the University of Florida in 1980, he has won numerous awards throughout his successful career. Among the highest honors, he received the USAF Citation Award for Memorial Plaza at Patrick Air Force Base, Florida; and the Nurserymen Growers Association Award for Excellence, for Jurassic Park at Universal Orlando.

Since 1991, James Miller has been the president of Agora Design, a company specializing in landscape architecture that offers the following services: site planning, irrigation and plantation design, interior design, hardscape design, fountain design and pool selection furniture and construction coordination on site.

Aside from his work at Agora Design, Mr. Miller provides design consulting services to Orlando theme parks and to several other companies in the area. In addition to Lake Nona, he is also a member of the Design Review Committees of the Central Florida Research Park of the Isle of Osprey community and serves as a volunteer on the Landscaping Committee for Give Kids The World.


Lake Nona Residence - Pool environment/View of Pond

Lake Nona Residence – Pool environment/View of Pond

The work at Lake Nona takes special place within the career of James Miller. “The Design Review Committee takes all phases of approval for new construction as well as reform, very seriously. This is due to the performance of a great administrative team not only innovative, but also avant-garde.”

It was precisely this commitment to work that holds Lake Nona Golf & Country Club among the best golf clubs in the world. The course was ranked as the best in Orlando by Golfweek Magazine, which voted for the top 100 golf courses in the United States.

Lake Nona Golf & Country Club is also better positioned by three rankings above the longtime rival Isleworth G&CC. “This exquisite golf course in Lake Nona was designed by the best golf course designer Tom Fazio, and ranked number one by the Golf Digest Magazine, with fifteen of his golf designs within the best one hundred. Having such a facility at the disposal of Lake Nona residents is an incredible differential for this community,” says James Miller.

Several other renowned architects have signed projects for Lake Nona residents. Mark Nasrallah, Fulvio Romano, Phil Kean and Daniel Gusmão are some of the creators working there, helping to maintain the standard of quality and excellence that is the Lake Nona brand – and that has drawn more and more people to share the community’s lifestyle.

Lake Nona Residence - Pool Environment

Lake Nona Residence – Pool Environment

James Miller believes that relying on the work of professionals of this stature enhances the importance of Lake Nona as a whole. “The value a luxury landscape design brings, with swimming pools, patios and outdoor kitchens, is always the first thing that comes to mind with outdoor living. However, a well-maintained landscape is another element that enhances any property. Many of our clients look to us for help in creating a landscape design that complements their home, as well as reflects their personal taste. The landscape is completely personal and entirely customizable.”

When it comes to defining the best design for your gardens, the experience and talent of the landscape architect can make a big difference. “While some conditions may cause restrictions, such as soil, sun and shade exposure, wildlife, and drainage on the property, there are still countless ways to design any space. Working with a landscape architect helps make these decisions simpler. It also helps to ensure money is not wasted on specimens that are not right for the land,” says Mr. Miller.

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