Real Estate - August 8, 2022

Developing the sculptural pattern across the continent

Proposal developed by the Tiago Bezerra Architects, wins once again international notoriety.

Tiago Bezerra Architects

When it comes to luxury architecture, there’s no way we don’t think of the magnificent buildings of the impressive Dubai. One more project developed by the Brazilian architecture office Tiago Bezerra Architects.

The great expansion of the sculptural projects TB in the Asian territory comes from the

vast knowledge of architect Tiago Bezerra, with the local public and his visits to the city, always bringing great contacts and business.

The sculptural pattern developed exclusively for the Mr. B.Thomas project has as a concept hard lines in concrete, mixing with black to give a contemporary contrast.

Tiago Bezerra Architects

When it comes to defining the aesthetics of an interior or exterior space, architecture and interior design professionals should start by asking themselves what the needs of its future inhabitants are or will be. The dialogue with the users is fundamental to establish the style of the spaces, which involves elaborating specific forms of ambiance through composition, colors, shapes, furniture, and, of course, its architecture.

The construction, despite appearing to be a single body of great formal unity, aims to clearly distinguish the private areas – family rooms – from the common areas – living rooms and kitchen; a distinction that is emphasized by a central patio that, as said, defines the main entrance of the house. This has an area generous enough to receive luxury cars.

Tiago Bezerra Architects

This it is seen that with this project we created a project with unique details, bringing total comfort and sophistication to the clients, applying our brand of design.

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