Lifestyle - May 2, 2023

When noise becomes music

Nowadays, those who have a more acute ear, lovers of good music, with harmony, poetry and quality analog instruments, it is common to hear music that is real noise. These days we came across a classic that is just the opposite. When noise becomes music in the hands of a genius.

Check My Machine” is a song by the British artist Paul McCartney, released in 1980 as the B-side of the single “Waterfalls. The song was composed by McCartney alone, and is a very experimental work characterized by sounds produced by old machines such as kazoos, samplers and synthesizers.

The lyrics are fairly simple, with McCartney basically repeating the title “Check My Machine” several times amidst strange, distorted sounds. The track was well received by critics at the time, and became a favorite among McCartney fans, who consider it one of the most daring of his career.


Text credits: Flavio Bergmann

Photo credits: photomontage Vinícius Pascoal and book Paul Mccartney biography Philip Norman/Photo file – Other photos instagram Paul McCartney.

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