Lifestyle - February 1, 2022

Tiago Bezerra’s Sculptural Architecture around the world

TB Architects is an office consolidated for more than 9 years in the world market. The company has projects executed in Bahrein, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Puerto Rico, USA, France, England and many cities in Brazil.

“We seek to develop a unique standard of architecture in order to create a new look. We have the best technologies as a great partner. We create unique experiences for our customers, inspiring convivial environments.” Characterized by detailed details, innovative design and on-time delivery, TB Architects has the best trade connections and an experienced multidisciplinary team.

Over the years the pattern of TB architecture has spread across the continents, as can be seen in the reports below, showing in detail what sculptural architecture forms unique and irreverent to the current world scene. The sculptural pattern arrived on the Euro-Asian continent entering Turkey in the city of kuşadası, where a facade design was developed to bring contemporary elements, modifying the constructive setting of the site.

JA House – Bahia, Brazil.

The office always tries to bring striking and imposing characteristics in the projects, without disrespecting the local customs and traditions, which we inserted ourselves in it for a greater learning and thus develop a unique project.

The AC residence was developed in the city of Orlando, in the Nona Lake region is one of the best neighborhoods in Orlando, located 30 minutes from downtown and only 25 minutes from Disney’s main theme parks. The region is considered one of the most prosperous in the US, according to a survey by Fortune magazine. The small community, which is in the expansion phase, is located in central Florida and is a true pole of advanced medicine and reference in education.

Villa Gossog – Kuşadası, Turkey.

Bringing a new form of architecture, with an imposing for one of the best regions of Orlando, is a process that should be harmonious. Assigning architectural concepts that merge with the landscape, and bringing imponence to the project, are some strategies used to compose the project. According to Tropical Modernism: the new architecture of Puerto Rico, 2020,”The history of Puerto Rico is reflected in its cities. The architecture of the territory evolved from simple wooden and straw structures to monumental and modern works. Shaped by internal and external forces in its varied landscapes, Puerto Rico’s diverse styles represent more than 400 years of Spanish rule and more than 100 years as an unincorporated territory of the United States. Today, the island’s modern architecture reflects its multicultural history. ”

Following the concept of tropical modernism, aligned with the sculptural TB pattern, the JT project was conceived in Puerto Rico. Use of local materials are important points to develop high quality projects and in concept with the site, in the house JT, we opted for a lighter design, with a lot of use of wood slats, neutral and light colors, glasses and a lot of vegetation to compose this environment.

Paris, New York and London are some of the cities where we have included our sculptural brand of architectural pattern.

Lake Nona Golf & Country Club