Lifestyle - January 30, 2023

The Janela Brazilian Dance Group

The Janela Brazilian Dance group is a local dance group located in Albany GA. The Janela Group teaches Brazilian Ballroom Dance styles to the Southwest Georgia region, in cities around Albany such as Leesbug, Sylvester, Newton, Dawson, Camilla, Shellman, Cordele and more.


The primary goal of Janela Group is to promote Brazilian culture in the U.S. through dance and music. The Founder and Senior Instructor Guilherme Moura, also known as Guil, was born and raised in Brazil. Even though Guil teaches traditional Brazilian dance styles such as Forró and Samba, the steps and moves can easily be incorporated to any other styles of dance performed by couples.

The classes are hosted at one of the most popular breweries in Albany, the Pretoria Fields Brewery, located in downtown Albany. Pretoria is a distinguished place to visit for people who want to experience great beers in a gorgeous atmosphere. Pretoria has live music and several different types of attractions happening regularly throughout the week, such as the Brazilian Ballroom Dance classes provided by the Janela Group and hosted by Guil Moura.


Guil Moura moved to Albany GA after completing the Disney Cultural Internship and the Hospitality & Management Certificate program at University of Central Florida. “Living at Disney’s accommodations, meeting people from all over the world, working at Epcot and studying at UCF was an important and valuable experience that clearly developed in me a high level of Customer Service that I am proud to apply to all projects I manage”, says Guil Moura.


The Janela group offers free classes every Tuesdays, at 7pm, at the Pretoria Fields Brewery where local people can come in, grab a beer, watch the class and jump to the dance floor! Guil Moura and Janela’s dance instructors also offer Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance private and group classes.


Guil teaches more than just dance steps. Guil’s approach to couples dance dynamics is that there are different roles for each dancer partner. Leaders and followers should be clearly identified before starting to dance. “When we are dancing with someone, we need to clearly identify who is the leader and who is the followers of the dance couple. The leaders are responsible to kick-start each step and guide the followers throughout the performance of each step. The follower’s responsibility is to understand the commands and guidance from the leaders and perform in the best way possible.” explains Guil.

Besides being very passionate about his Brazilian culture, Guil, with the assistance of this team, also teaches ballroom dance etiquette, dance floor rules, and couple dance dynamics.


“I am very grateful for the wonderful opportunity to showcase, teach and share a little bit of this beautiful Brazilian culture to Albany who embraced me with love and care”, says Guil. “Albany Georgia is indeed my home in the U.S.  I am deeply thankful for this great community who made me feel at home in America! To give back to the community by sharing some of my passions, one of them being dance, makes me happy”, says Guil.

Thank you Guil Moura at Janela Brazilian Dance for your great teaching. You are greatly appreciated.

 We ALL are enjoying the Brazilian Ballroom Classes. ~Jackie Smith


You can find more information about Janela Brazilian Dance Group on Facebook.



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