Lifestyle - March 13, 2023

TB Architects merges sculptural architecture with luxury and lifestyle in Lake Nona

Lake Nona, Florida- TB Architects,  a renowned architectural firm, is set to bring a new level of sophistication and refinement to Lake Nona’s luxury real estate market. The company is developing sculptural, original, and sustainable homes, with the goal of creating something unique that brings a vision of the future to the community.

Tiago Bezerra, CEO Architect of TB Architects, said, “Designing houses in Lake Nona is every architect’s dream. We seek to develop a unique standard of architecture to create a new look. We use the best technologies and create unique experiences for our customers, inspiring convivial environments.”

TB Architects is known for executing projects in several countries, including Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Puerto Rico, France, England, and many cities in Brazil. The company’s experience and multidisciplinary team enable it to create innovative and unique concepts for its designs.

The design of TB Architect’s houses in Lake Nona incorporates contemporary and sculptural architecture with sober tones mixed with dark and light textures. The design creates a differential positioning of the facade, giving an air of lightness while bringing robust vertical elements to counter.

TB Architects takes into consideration the high-quality standards and building rules established by the Tavistock Group’s Project Review Committee (DRC) in designing its houses in Lake Nona. The DRC is known for its strict guidelines, forcing designers to be creative and carefully observe the boundaries of the region’s most sophisticated housing complex.

The design of the houses reflects TB Architect’s attention to detail and innovative concepts. The company’s use of woody tones creates a unique and cozy living environment. The design incorporates sustainable practices, making it a responsible and environmentally-conscious choice for homebuyers.

In conclusion, TB Architects’ houses in Lake Nona are set to become a unique addition to the community. The company’s reputation for designing innovative and sustainable homes that are sophisticated and refined is sure to enhance Lake Nona’s luxury real estate market.

Lake Nona is a highly sought-after community known for its high quality and uniqueness in Orlando. The area boasts an impressive roster of affluent residents, including business leaders, professional athletes, and celebrities. The community’s exceptional standards have made it a favorite among those who seek a luxury lifestyle.

In addition to its exclusive amenities, Lake Nona’s residents have above-average levels of education. The community is home to renowned educational institutions like the Lake Nona High School, UCF College of Medicine, and Valencia College Lake Nona Campus.

With its highly-regarded reputation, Lake Nona attracts the best in the industry, including TB Architects, who are known for their innovative designs and sustainable practices. Their sculptural architecture design, which combines art, creativity, and sustainability, promises to be a unique addition to Lake Nona’s already impressive real estate offerings.

In conclusion, Lake Nona’s high-quality standards, unique character, and reputation as the best community in Orlando make it a highly desirable location for luxury living. The community’s exceptional education system and affluent residents only serve to enhance its prestige.

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