Lifestyle - July 11, 2018

SleepScore Labs Partners with Lake Nona Institute to change sleep health

Researchers and other medical professionals have recognized lack of sleep as a growing epidemic across the country for many years. Now, public awareness is rapidly going up too.

According to SleepScore Labs user data, 55 percent of people sleep less than 7 hours per night, equaling 12.1 million work hours lost or $506 billion in productivity loss.

In light of these trends, there is an opportunity for companies to offer new solutions for their employees. Solutions that can help them take control and advance their sleep quality. Consequently gaining an understanding of their sleep profile and following science-based advice and recommendations for improvement.

SleepScore Labs, the company behind the most advanced non-contact sleep improvement system for consumers, announced its partnership with the Lake Nona Institute for a helpful discussion to develop solutions to improve health, well-being, and sustainable living.

During the Lake Nona Impact Forum, SleepScore Labs founding partner, Dr. Mehmet Oz presented critical information. He raised awareness of how sleep habits have a major impact on the overall health. Therefore, how it affects the productivity of U.S. workers and its effect on the economy.

Dr. Oz presented “Change Begins Tonight – The Impact of Sleep on Health and Productivity” on the Impact Forum. The audience was of collaborative and creative industry leaders. The presentation highlighted significant problems facing U.S. corporations due to a lack of proper sleep. Finally, he sought to catalyze a national conversation around sleep habits and solutions.

Where to find it?

SleepScore Labs is present in the master bedroom of WHIT, a living lab of the Lake Nona Institute. The sleep improvement system provides insights and actionable advice, and as a strategic partner of WHIT, SleepScore Labs helps guests envision how holistic smart home health technology can have a significant impact on sleep health.

Other partners from the SleepScore Labs ecosystem will also be present along with technologies currently in the WHIT home, such as circadian lighting, air and water purification systems and an interactive digital cooktop.

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