Lifestyle - March 19, 2018

Orlando International Airport busiest in Florida in 2017

All of the numbers have been tallied, and Orlando International Airport (MCO) was the busiest airport in the state of Florida in 2017. MCO had another record-setting year with some 44.6 million total passengers.

 Orlando International is busier than it has ever been before, now it is also the busiest airport in Florida. With the balanced increase in both domestic and international visitors, 2017 proved to be yet another record-breaking year, reflecting the dynamic business activity of the region.

According to Orlando International Airport officials, the overall growth in 2017 was 6.41 percent, which represents an increase of nearly 2.7 million passengers over 2016’s previous record. Much of that growth is attributable to an increase of over 3 million passenger seats added to the market.

Year-end 2017 Statistical Data:

  • International passenger traffic climbed 5.71 percent to a new record of 5,912,295
  • International traffic made up 13.4 percent of overall passenger volume in 2017
  • Domestic traffic climbed 6.52 percent with 38,698,970 total passengers
  • Overall passenger growth was 6.41 percent to a new record of 44,611,265

December 2017 Statistical Data:

  • International traffic jumped 13.67 percent with 524,231 passengers
  • Domestic passenger traffic was up 7.43 percent with 3,457,940 total passengers
  • Overall passenger volume was up 8.21 percent for the month with 3,982,171 passengers

Basic MCO information: With more than 44.6 million annual passengers, MCO is the busiest airport in Florida and 13th busiest in the U.S. The airport is centrally located and within a two-hour drive for 60 percent of the state’s residents. MCO has more than 18,000 employees and generates in excess of $31 billion in revenue for the regional economy. Orlando International Airport strives to value and delight its customers through an airport-wide design concept known as The Orlando Experience®.

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