Lifestyle - November 25, 2022

Luxury watches and the challenges of enjoying it safely

Imagine you arriving in Europe, in the richest country of the continent, yes it was in Germany, that a Brazilian businessman whose name we will preserve, arrived for the world’s largest fair of the hospital health segment. It was in a hotel in the city of Dusseldorf that he had his Rolex Daytona Platinum Pave Diamond stolen, inside his own room, besides the jewel that has a boutique price of 550 thousand dollars, or almost 3 million Reais, Brazilian currency. The victim also had euros and dollars taken from inside his own room.

The watch in question is model: 116576TBR series D149Z983. It has a crown with 36 diamonds that frame the watch. The stolen item has already been reported to the manufacturer and is on official lists around the world. The market for stolen watches exists all over the world. History shows that they are hardly ever found or sold on the continent of theft.

In Brazil, this year had a considerable increase in robberies of these watch stores, especially Rolex, in big shopping malls. In a quick Google search we realize that the problem is worldwide. With so many technological advances, after all, why hasn’t anyone managed to develop a theft-proof watch? Or with a tracker?

Despite being a crime, the receiving of these watches in most countries. Many people still buy them knowing the risks and a small part buys without knowing the origin and without knowing that they can be incriminated for it.

The fact is that there is no safe country anywhere in the world for lovers and well-off people to enjoy and show off their jewelry without worrying about the big, fat eyes of these criminals.

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