Lifestyle - August 7, 2023

Introducing Lake Nona West: A Thrilling New Destination in Orlando, Florida

Lake Nona West is an exciting new development coming to Orlando, Florida. This impressive shopping center project is planned to occupy a vast 54-acre area, offering visitors a unique experience. With its 405,000 square feet of space, the shopping center will boast a modern and elegant design, featuring open-air shops, ground-level parking, and sophisticated architecture.

One of the key highlights that will set Lake Nona West apart is its focus on outdoor entertainment spaces and vibrant public art. The intention is to provide residents and visitors with a pleasant and inspiring atmosphere to enjoy during their visits to the shopping center.

Expectations are high, and construction is set to begin in 2024, with the highly anticipated opening to the public in the fall of 2025. At that time, tenant announcements will be made, bringing with them a selection of sought-after national and local brands, as well as top-notch stores, restaurants, specialty grocery stores, and personal service operators.

Lake Nona West is not the only exciting development in the area. The Lake Nona Town Center has also recently unveiled three new Class A+ office buildings, further enhancing the appeal of the region. Additionally, the aviation training company SIMCOM will soon celebrate its inauguration, being a major attraction for the location. With the capacity to host 10,000 pilots annually, SIMCOM will contribute to Lake Nona’s innovative and dynamic ecosystem.

This planned community has been impressive with its rapid growth, being regarded as one of the fastest-growing in the USA. More than just a residential space, Lake Nona serves as a hub of innovation and a living laboratory for Central Florida, providing a conducive environment for the development of ideas and technologies.

As Lake Nona West joins the other promising developments and businesses in the area, the community will continue to thrive and stand out as a premier destination in Florida. With its diverse offerings, inviting outdoor spaces, and innovative spirit, Lake Nona West is poised to become a must-visit location for residents and visitors in the region.

Text credits: Like Nona adapted by Flavio Bergmann

photomontage by Vinícius Pascoal

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