Lifestyle - June 22, 2022

Interior Design by Tiago Bezerra Architects

When it comes to nobility and formidable architecture, one cannot help but think of the magnificent mansions of lake nona, from all the highlights, we have one with unique and sculptural architecture, the residential AC located at Lake Nona in Orlando – florida, developed by the brazilian architecture office Tiago Bezerra Architects.



When it comes to defining the aesthetics of an interior or exterior space, architecture and interior design professionals should start by asking themselves what the needs of its future inhabitants are or will be. The dialogue with the users is fundamental to establish the style of the spaces, which involves elaborating specific forms of ambiance through composition, colors, shapes, furniture, and, of course, its architecture.

Once in the space, there are different design principles to be taken into account, such as balance, which refers to the visual position of objects in a composition, and which can be of two types: symmetrical or asymmetrical. Other principles are rhythm, which causes the perception of the totality of the elements as a whole and can be applied by grouping them in a radial or linear fashion, and unity, which allows the relationship between elements through certain operations such as proximity, continuity, repetition of patterns, similarity, etc. Finally, keeping the proportion between the elements and the space, and emphasizing an element or point of view through its color or size, also contributes to the design of the spaces we project.

Enhancing the suites, leaving them as spacious as possible and we created special lighting that fills every detail, also using elements such as wood, and dark tones to compose an environment contrast.

Thus it is seen that with this project, we created a project with unique details, bringing total comfort and sophistication to the clients, applying our project brand.

Lake Nona Golf & Country Club