Lifestyle - April 8, 2021

High-qualified professionals add refinement and stunning solutions to homes on Lake Nona

When you live in the home you have always wanted, you need it to reflect you, your family, and your lifestyle. To enjoy all the best that Lake Nona has to offer, the internal space needs to be comfortable and integrated with the external space, after all, people love the Florida outdoors.

Meeting the high-quality standards of Lake Nona, the team of professionals involved in the process of building the dream home of future owners goes through different design scales, but most importantly during the project is clearly communicate the design to make sure that everyone involved is aligned on the same goal and that the owner can also have a good idea of ​​what their home will look like when it is finished.

Alessandro Trindade, Brazilian architect, and interior designer with 19 years of experience in the creation, development, and presentation of architectural plans in Brazil, says that “the best way to communicate the design is through the photo-realistic images because they do not require any technical understanding to build a direct bridge between the design and the client.”

Mr. Trindade is an architect with extensive experience in Brazil where he had the opportunity to work in all scales of design from urban planning to interior design through architecture. Architect and urban planner graduated from the Federal University of Pelotas in 2002 and sustainable architecture and construction specialization in 2012, his designs served as a reference several times throughout his successful career. He was responsible for several architectural designs for the sustainable territorial development through PDCIS, a private social program, which included actions in six integrated fronts, aiming to combat poverty and inequality: education for sustainable development; environmental conservation; economic development; innovation and technology; citizenship and governance, and cohesion and social mobilization. Among the greatest honors, it received recognition as the best architectural design of a military educational institution in the Brazilian Army and his design was used as a national standard.

“Since the beginning of the process, I use 3D modeling as a design tool and not just as a presentation” but many other architects and designers continue to present their projects with 2D technical drawings, to try to improve this scenario, last year he founded Trindade Studios, a company specialized in architectural visualization that offers services to other design professionals such as floor plan arts, interior and exterior 3d renderings, animations and interactive 360 ​​° images.

In addition to his architectural visualization services, Mr. Trindade provides residential buildings and interior designs in the Orlando and Miami area, but the work at Lake Nona has a special place in Alessandro Trindade’s career. “The Design Review Committee is one of the kindest, but at the same time challenging board with which I had the opportunity to interact, evidencing the high-quality standard of the Lake Nona Golf & Country Club.” He has the chance to represent and collaborate with architects Fulvio Romano and Daniel Gusmão and help in the approval of his architectural projects for construction in the community.

Today, Mr. Trindade provides services to investment and construction companies and he is responsible for ten custom interior designs at the Lake Nona Golf & Country Club, and more is to come. In addition, his architectural visualization services are used by realtors and luxury real estate specialists as a marketing tool for houses under construction. “3D rendering allows you to sell a house before it is even built and gives the owner the opportunity to personalize the finishes, in addition to clarifying the design to the builder and suppliers avoiding the waste of time and money on the construction phase” he explains.

Lake Nona attracts the best professionals from around the world and this mix of cultures adds even more value to our community. “I feel much honored to be part of a team of highly qualified professionals, and it is a great teamwork with constant learning and improvement, but it is also very gratifying to be able to see the result of our work, it is always a pleasure.” Mr. Trindade concludes.

Lake Nona Golf & Country Club’s continual pursuit of elevating the member experience and setting a new standard of excellence in service, has propelled the Club to be recognized as both a Platinum Club® of the World (2018-2019) and Platinum Club® of America (2019-2020) by Club Leaders Forum, one of the most respected sources for club industry leaders and professionals.

Platinum Club® of the World status is the pinnacle of recognition in the private club industry, representing clubs who excel in best practices and set the standard of excellence for the finest private golf and country clubs around the world, as determined by a panel of private club industry experts and golf connoisseurs. Platinum Club® of America status represents the upper 5% of America’s Top Private Clubs of Excellence, as voted by over 3,000 industry professionals (club general managers, owners, and presidents). Conducted every two years, these designations use similar criteria to establish the benchmark of excellence: universal recognition, amenities and facilities, professional services levels, overall experience, governance, and management, and adapting to changing times.

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