Lifestyle - May 9, 2023

Fountain Life’s innovative Precision Diagnostic Center opens in Lake Nona.

Fountain Life is committed to offering a holistic approach to health and wellness, and the new Precision Diagnostic Center in Lake Nona is a key part of that strategy. With the help of artificial intelligence, the center can collect and evaluate data to detect diseases in their early stages. This means that Fountain Life members can receive treatment earlier, when the chances of cure or treatment are greater.

The Precision Diagnostic Center also offers personalized services tailored to each member’s individual needs. For example, people with a family history of certain medical conditions can receive additional testing to detect these conditions early. Fountain Life doctors work closely with members to create personalized health plans that meet their unique needs.

In addition to providing high-quality testing and diagnostics, Fountain Life also offers wellness programs to help members maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Members have access to nutritionists, personal trainers and other health experts to help them achieve their health and wellness goals.

Fountain Life is committed to transforming overall health from reactive to proactive, helping members live longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives. With the opening of the Precision Diagnostic Center in Lake Nona, Fountain Life is expanding its presence and broadening its capabilities to provide world-class healthcare services to members. Fountain Life is leading the way to preventive health and longevity, and the new center is an important step in their journey.

Text credits: Flavio BergmannGuilherme Ferreira 

Photo credits: photomontage: Lake Nona  and Fountain Life by Vinícius Pascoal

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