Lifestyle - July 27, 2017

F90 M5 US Order Bank Now Open.

F90 M5 – This is all going very differently than when the F10 M5 order bank opened. When the F10 M5 was available for ordering back in May of 2012 (for Americans) we already knew what the entire car would look like and exactly how much it would cost. With the F90 M5 customers don’t know either of those things as of this writing.

Also, I’m willing to bet that all F90 M5’s will come out of dealer allocation for American European Delivery and with ED orders only getting 5% discount as standard, as opposed to 7% that we used to get, and now no MSD program, Americans will pay a lot more for the launch of this F90 M5 than what we paid when the F10 M5 first came out. All of these things combined lead to a bad deal for a car that is going to depreciate to around 50% value in 3 years. I at least hope the F90 M5 will come with adjustable side bolsters for the first model year that Americans will get it.

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