Health - December 5, 2018

Nemours Children’s Hospital wins award for Innovation in Patient Care

The use of 3D modeling as a preoperative strategy and for radiology treatment earned another award at Nemours Children’s Hospital(NCH) in Lake Nona. The Innovation of the Year in Patient Care award was honored by Florida Hospital Association during The Celebration of Service Awards Ceremony, in Orlando.

NCH experts use 3D modeling in preoperative interventional radiology, cancer surgery and cardiac surgery cases. “We are constantly looking for ways to stay cutting-edge, all the while doing a better job clinically and helping families better understand what’s happening to their child”, said Dr. Daniel Podberesky, Radiologist-in-Chief of Nemours Children’s Health System, in an official NCH statement.

Nemours Children Hospital - 3D model
3D models allow the planning of safer and more efficient treatments, reducing the length of procedures and hospitalizations. In addition, the risk of unexpected complications during an operation is reduced, as doctors can simulate various approaches and establish which surgical supplies will be needed.

“The simulation aspect of 3D modeling is a game changer. To be able to look at a model of a tumor from all angles, without the restrictions of an image on a computer screen, is completely changing how we are planning complex surgery,” said Craig Johnson, Enterprise Director, Interventional Radiology, Nemours Children’s Health System and Chair of the Department of Radiology at Nemours Children’s Hospital.

Although it was opened just six years ago, this was the fifth time that Nemours Children’s Hospital of Lake Nona won the Innovation Award from the Florida Hospital Association.

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