Health - June 4, 2018

Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute expands in Lake Nona

The Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute is taking itself to the next level. Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute is building an $18 million global headquarters in Lake Nona Medical City to continue its decades-long research and training, the company announced at the sixth annual Lake Nona Impact Forum.

The Human Performance Institute, which has made Lake Nona its home since 1994, challenges individuals, athletes, and corporate leaders to maximize energy, focus, and improve wellbeing for peak performance at work and in life. Also, the Institute provides specialized courses for professional athletes, corporate executives, and military Special Forces that cost up to $5,200.

This state-of-the-art training and research facility in Lake Nona will serve as the global flagship for the Human Performance Institute, enable more workplace innovation concepts and serve as an expression of Johnson & Johnson’s human-centered design capabilities and commitment to wellcare. Under the Qualified Target Industry Tax Refund Program, the company will receive a total of $175,000 from the city and state, contingent upon delivering its jobs and wage promises.


The new $18 million-dollar campus will transcend the capacity of the existing facility with more than 35,000 square feet of advanced research and training space. The multidisciplinary training center will serve as the global hub for developing science-based approaches to improving human energy, performance, resilience, and leadership.

Along with the physical construction, the Human Performance Institute will provide active resources through an interactive web portal where users can access practical insights, case studies, and research on expanding individual energy capacity and personal performance.

Human Performance Institute programs are grounded in the sciences of performance psychology, exercise physiology and nutrition to deliver proven sustainable behavior change and help individuals become physically energized, emotionally connected, mentally focused and fully engaged for real results.

Finally, with the expanded location and continued focus on research, wellness and personal performance, the new Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute will link the combined visions of the Lake Nona Sports and Performance District and the integrated medical cluster of Lake Nona Medical City.

Construction has already started and will finish by the end of 2018.

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