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How IoT is Revolutionizing Workplace Safety?

Safety is a concern & responsibility for all businesses, especially when talking about workplace safety. It is a vital responsibility on the part of safety assurance experts to check and confirm whether the worksite is suitable and safe for the employees to carry on with their daily tasks.

Workplace safety becomes crucial when the area is objectively an accident-prone zone.

International Labor Organization has reported that about 151 laborers face workplace accidents every 15 seconds.

It goes without saying that the count is both high and alarming. According to reports, globally, a striking 317 million non-fatal occupational hazards occur per year.

The  report also states that about 321,000 workers die annually from workplace-related mishaps.

Ramon T. Llamas, the Research Manager at International Data Corporation, Massachusetts for mobile phones and wearable, believes that devices using IoT technology will serve as a healthy medium to share crucial information.

This technology will have sensors at the core of their functionality.

This will help the managers in extracting real time safety information in order to alert the employees and their supervisors so that they can take necessary steps and prevent any potential worksite hazard.

Most of the worksite accidents that take place can actually be prevented if the worker’s status is continuously monitored .

With the help of IoT devices and hybrid solutions, one can monitor and send across safety information which includes an employee’s biometrics.

This, as a result, will help companies reduce their insurance cost through enhancing worksite safety in a smart and effective manner.

Since workplace safety is a top concern, development and collaboration of such IoT technologies will be critical for companies to invest in.

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