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Special Sauce: Chris Kimball on the Joy of Arguments and the Future of Food Media

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you’re interested at all in food media you’re going to love my Special Sauce conversation with Milk Street founder and seminal food publishing guru Chris Kimball.

Chris is insanely smart, incredibly provocative, and very good company if you like your company opinionated, outspoken, and a little bit prickly.[Photograph: Courtesy of Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street. Oysters photograph: J. Kenji López-Alt]

Here are a few gems (or should I say crumbs?) from the first part of our conversation: “You know, I just did a Twitter contest about bad substitutions.

Two of my favorites were, ‘Instead of mint I use mint toothpaste,’ which I just love.

And my other one, which was a kid’s, said, “Instead of chocolate they use chocolate ex-lax because it kind of looks like chocolate.”

But when you get into that muddy world…”

Of course, I asked Chris what life was like at the Kimball family table: “[It] was formal, seven o’clock every night, jacket and tie, fingernails clean.

I’m not making this up…Well, the best thing about the table … I mean the food was good, but the conversation was great. I mean we were expected at an early age to know what’s going on and say something intelligent.

So we were part of the conversation. So I developed an early love of argument or discussion. I love arguments.”

Chris also has some strong opinions on whether people should pay for content: “People always said, ‘Why do you charge for your content online?’ And I said, ‘Well why should I give it away?

I mean this costs a lot of money.’ I have people flying to South Africa and to the Middle East and doing this new project. It’s expensive.

And we have cooks, and we pay a lot of money in rent, and you know we need money to pay our bills.

And so I’m perfectly happy to say to people, ‘Look. If you’d like to participate it’s $20 or $30 a year. It’s sure money.”

I had a blast talking to Chris, and I think Serious Eaters everywhere will have a blast listening to him, too.

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