Food - September 21, 2022

Naples and New York have the best pizza in the world

The gastronomic guide 50 Top Pizza finally made recently a world ranking with the 100 best pizzerias in the world. Naples and New York were tied for first place, but the Italian city won on the tie-breaking criteria. The announcement was made at the Royal Palace of Naples, a city in southern Italy considered the “mother” of pizza.

The top prize was awarded to I Masanielli, owned by pizzaiolo Francesco Martucci. The restaurant is located in Caserta, a city in the Campania region.

Martucci’s victory is not exactly a surprise. Since 2019, his pizzeria has been named the best in Italy by the 50 Top Pizza jurors, who until then only organized regional editions of the award.

In second place in the ranking due to tie-breaking criteria, we have the pizzeria Una Pizza Napoletana in New York. The pizzeria was founded by the respected pizzaiolo Anthony Mangieri, known throughout the USA.

Naples (Italy), New York (USA), Tokyo (Japan), and São Paulo (Brazil), are highlighted as the great pizza cities in the world, in terms of quality.

The ranking highlights 40 Italian pizzerias, 25 from the rest of Europe, 15 from North America, 15 from Asia, 4 from South America and one from Africa.

Brazil was represented by three pizzarias, which are located in São Paulo, the Brazilian pizza capital. The best placed is Pizza Da Mooca, which appears in 77th place in the ranking. The second Brazilian is Leggera Pizza Napoletana, in 83rd place. And the third, QT Pizza Bar, in 99th place.

The gastronomic guide 50 Top Pizza is in its first world edition and was created by Barbara Guerra, Albert Sapere and Luciano Pignataro, who for years have selected the best pizzerias in Italy.

Source: 50 Top Pizza.

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