Food - December 20, 2023

McDonald’s Innovates with CosMc’s: A Gastronomic Space Journey

In a bold twist on the traditional menu, McDonald’s has launched its latest gastronomic venture: CosMc’s. Inspired by an old space-themed character, the restaurant chain promises to take customers on an intergalactic culinary journey, departing from the traditional combo approach.

The big revelation was shared by the company during an exclusive presentation for investors last week, as reported by NBC’s “Today” program. The first CosMc’s restaurant is scheduled to open its doors in Bolingbrook, Illinois, later this month, marking the beginning of an innovative era in the fast-food universe.

Diverging from the conventional model, CosMc’s is set to offer a unique gastronomic experience with a specially crafted menu to please even the most discerning palates. Say goodbye to traditional combos as the new chain seeks to redefine how customers savor the brand’s classics.

The expectation is that by the end of 2024, approximately 10 pilot restaurants will be operational throughout the United States. These test locations, strategically positioned in regions such as Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio, Texas, will serve as a stage to assess public acceptance of this audacious gastronomic venture.

CosMc’s is not just a culinary experience but also a visual immersion. The restaurants have been designed with space-themed elements, transporting customers to a futuristic and fun environment. From the decor to the staff uniforms, every detail has been carefully planned to provide a unique atmosphere.

By exploring culinary and visual frontiers, McDonald’s is placing a high bet on innovation with CosMc’s. The intergalactic saga begins now, and fast-food enthusiasts are eager to embark on this journey of cosmic flavors and experience.

Text credits:By Journalist Flávio Bergmann

photomontage: by Vinícius Pascoal

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