Food - May 4, 2018

From the Amazon rainforest to the world

The Amazon rainforest, popularly known as the world’s lungs for its vast production of oxygen, is home to a large number of natural riches. Among these, we find one of Brazilians favorite salty treat, the Brazilian nut or Brazil nut.

Through a company called ‘Frutos da Amazônia’ (Amazon Fruits), the world is falling in love with the northern Brazilian flavors. They already commercialize their products in countries such as USA, Germany, France, and others. You can buy products like cookies, cakes, jams, and jellies, all prepared with the regional ingredients.

Because of the enormous success, the company decided to increase its export operations and base of international clients. To do that the group got together with Design Export to adapt and create a new concept of packing for the products.

The new line of product packages was presented on the 11th edition of YUMME Middle East; it now has product information in two languages (Portuguese and English). Because of this measure, they facilitated the international commercialization. Also, a new drawing design featuring the Amazon rainforest and an original shape that facilitates boxing for exportation. Frutos da Amazônia expects excellent returns from this investment.

Don’t waste time, try it and be delighted!


About Frutos da Amazônia

An offer of the authentic flavor of the Amazon rainforest preserving what is most precious in it: the forest. Consequently, the entire product line of “Frutos da Amazônia” was born.

Confections that rescue, with sophistication, the exoticism, the essence, the symbols and the flavors that translate all the singularity existing in the more significant ecosystem of the world.

Working with such unique raw materials requires responsibility. “Frutos da Amazônia” bets on partnerships with riverine associations and cooperatives that manage the forest without degrading it. In this business model, everyone wins, the company, the society, and nature.


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