Business - June 5, 2018

WELLNESS + HOME + INNOVATION + TECHNOLOGY = WHIT Inside the Home of the Future

Simply put, WHIT is a brilliant smart home. A wellness home built on innovation and technology, with every detail designed to inspire a healthier life. With wellness all around you, WHIT helps turn your best intentions into positive actions.

Created by the Lake Nona Institute, along with its collaborative partners such as UCF, Nemours Children’s Hospital and GuideWell Innovation, and national organizations including GE Appliances, Johnson & Johnson Health & Wellness Solutions, and Delos, WHIT is a first-of-its-kind home designed to activate health solutions and technologies and research their ability to improve health and well-being measurably.

The Institute, which drives many of the community’s research initiatives in healthy, sustainable communities, announced a new partnership with Florida Hospital to enrich Lake Nona’s living laboratory.

With the new partnership, Florida Hospital introduces in its own innovative HelloWell platform into WHIT, Lake Nona’s wellness home built on innovation and technology. The initiative presents how medical information can be at your fingertips in Lake Nona’s home health technology incubator.

The project features amenities like circadian lighting, air and water purifications systems, and an interactive digital cooktop; you can sleep, breathe and eat your way to healthier life.

WHIT is a built-in health coach, educator, and an innovator, bringing forward-looking health technologies that empower you to be at your best.  WHIT brings traditional healthcare delivery into the community and ultimately into your own home.

And, WHIT stays connected, learning and improving to better your health and others. WHIT harnesses how you engage your home in developing smarter solutions and reimagining the future of home health.

At WHIT, Lake Nona residents will have the opportunity to experience a fully-integrated HelloWell for themselves. Florida Hospital’s platform simplifies the digital experience surrounding health. Therefore, brings personal health records and information to life and facilitates interaction with physicians through your smartphone and tablets.

That’s critical for better health choices because easier access, finer tools, and stronger relationships can create better, longer-lasting actions. Many of the products and solutions are first generation pilots and/or have never been seen by the public before, such as the “Connected Island” by GE Appliances and the intelligent toilet prototype.

These initiatives are just the beginning, though. WHIT seeks to become an international model and springboard for health awareness, best practices, and an incubator. A place for strategic partners to create new, sustainable products by understanding the value added to consumers.

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