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VR, IoT and Blockchain among other topics at KosICT 2017

[dropcap]K[/dropcap]osICT 2017, one of the biggest IT conferences of the Balkans, has revealed more details about its program which this year covers, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things and Blockchain, among others.

Business owners, C-level staff of companies, and tech professionals from the Western Balkans are invited to join KosICT 2017, in Pristina (Kosovo).

Just like last year, the venue will be located in the center of the city, making it accessible for everyone to join, because of a large parking lot and several bus connections.

Friday the 27th and Saturday the 28th are the days, starting from 09.30h and finishing with KosICT Nights.

Although KosICT 2017 is an IT-conference, it is absolutely not only for people involved in internet technology.

Bardh Kadiu, deputy executive director of STIKK: “Virtual Reality can be used in anything these days, for example in real estate.

The Internet of Things connects everything with the internet, which can be for example very well used in the agribusiness.

Virtual reality, 5G, Electronic Arts

Another very interesting guest will be Mike Reiner, co-founder of the AI World Summit in Amsterdam, where 120 speakers share their thoughts about artificial intelligence.

Electronic Arts (revenue of 4.8 billion dollars) co-founder Jeff Burton will speak with us about Virtual Reality.

Peter Hopwood will be again the moderator. Last year, he mentioned KosICT 2017 as one of his most favorite conferences he ever hosted.

IPKO executive director Robert Erzin talks about 5G, the next generation of mobile networks. Other speakers will be announced soon.

KosICT 2017 has three types of tickets this year. One will only give access to the Innovation Corner. Around twenty startups will present their product or solution.

In the middle of this corner, there will be a place where some of the starting companies can demonstrate their products as well.

Red tickets will give access to the main hall. This ticket costs 120 euros but will be only 60, – till October 9th. This is the section where all the talks will be.

C-level staff and business owners that want to meet speakers and representatives of the government can purchase a black ticket.

This gives (400 euro) them exclusive access to the business lounge, comparable with an airport business lounge.

A week before KosICT 2017, people can earn red tickets by donating blood.

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Written by: Stefan van Dijk

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