Business - July 12, 2023

Threads App, launched by Meta, achieves an impressive 100 million users in record time

In a remarkable feat, the Threads app, developed by Meta to directly compete with Twitter, has reached the impressive milestone of over 100 million registered users, according to a report published by the Search Engine Journal. This survey was based on the count of symbols present in Instagram profiles when people associate their accounts on both social networks.

The app was able to reach this milestone in a short period of approximately five days after its launch. To put it into perspective, the renowned ChatGPT took at least two months to reach the 100 million follower mark, while TikTok took nine months.

This rapid growth of Threads highlights its popularity and acceptance among users. With unique features and a distinctive proposition, the app quickly gained a solid base of engaged users.

The fierce competition among social media platforms drives innovation and the emergence of new platforms. Threads has proven to be a promising competitor, experiencing such rapid growth shortly after its launch.

This success has positively impacted Meta’s stocks (M1TA34), which saw an increase of 0.62% in the New York market at 3:38 PM (Brasília time). While other companies in the technology sector face downward pressure, Meta stands out, indicating investors’ confidence in its potential and the future prospects of the Threads app.

As competition among social media platforms intensifies, it is exciting to follow the upward trajectory of Threads and anticipate the next innovations and developments that Meta will bring to the market.

Text credits: Infomoney adapted by Flavio Bergmann

Photo credits: photomontage Vinícius Pascoal

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