Business - October 5, 2017

The Arsenale Automatic is a tribute to the Venetian shipyards of yore

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]rsenale Automatic is a tribute to the Venetian, in advance of the last warm weekend I present a pretty cool crowdfunded watch that might be worth a look.

Called the Arsenale Automatic it pay tribute to Venice’s proud sailing history and looks just brutish enough to remind us of her violent, pestilence-filled past.

The watch comes with a Miyota or ETA movement – either Japanese or Swiss – and comes in a brush polished steel or aged PVD.

The bezel rivets – with numerals at noon, three, six, and nine – are reminiscent of another Italian brand, Panerai, but they’re supposed to represent porthole rivets.

The watch will cost about $600 retail. For now you can get it on the crowdfunding page for $338.

Why is this special? It’s rare to find a crowdfunded watch with the right balance of features.

This one is particularly interesting because of the heritage – I’ve never seen a Venetian watch – and the design.

It might not be as fancy as an Omega or a Breitling but for less than $400 for a nicer three-hander you could do worse.

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