Business - March 7, 2018

Do you know what are Smart Bags?

Smart bags are around for a few years now, and they are a big target on this years’ present lists. But what are they? Most people never heard of Smart Luggage, so we’re here to enlighten you.

These bags are very helpful to travelers, other than holding your clothes and other goods; the smart bags can help you with your electronic devices. They have a wild range of features, including built-in USB for charging devices (with a lithium-ion battery attached to the bag itself), safety locks that work with apps or even fingerprints, Wi-Fi connectivity and even GPS tracking.

After all this, if you’re still not impressed or maybe if you want another great feature, check the Modobag. It can do all of the above, AND you can ride it! Yes, you didn’t read wrongly, you can ride your bag around the airport, charge your devices, safe lock with your fingerprint, get a WIFI connection and GPS tracking!

The only downside: smart bags can’t be dispatched because the battery may explode

Happy traveling!

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