Business - August 10, 2017

Florida’s first Cafe Rio is coming to Winter Park and here’s what you should eat when it opens

Utah-based fast-casual Mexican chain Cafe Rio was just announced to open their first Florida location right here in Central Florida.

Specifically, in a stand-alone store in front of the Winter Park Whole Foods.

The restaurant chain has an almost cult-like following among Left Coasters.

I went to college in Utah, and as soon as my fellow East Coast friends came back from break, they all made a beeline for Cafe Rio.

I asked some of my Cafe Rio connoisseur friends on Facebook to give you all some advice on what to order when the Winter Park outpost opens soon. Here’s what they said.

“Anything with their pork!”

In fact, the “sweet pork barbacoa” at Cafe Rio was the most-recommended item on the menu.

Specifics included pork salad with shredded lettuce, pork burrito “enchilada style” (which basically just means with sauce and melted cheese on top) and nachos with sweet pork and queso sauce.

Other favorites include the “house dressing” you can put on basically anything.

The dressing is a Creamy Tomatillo Ranch dressing with cilantro and lime. Tangy, creamy, ranchy — we’re in.

The choice of location should make things interesting for fast-casual chain Zona Fresca, just across the street next to TR Fire Grill, and Rubio’s Coastal Grill, which took over the Lime Fresh Mexican space in Winter Park Village earlier this year.

Image courtesy Café Rio


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