Business - December 11, 2023

Exploring the Digital Vanguard: The World’s Most Downloaded Apps

Amidst our fast-paced, technology-driven daily lives, mobile apps have become integral components. The world’s most popular apps have triggered a transformation in how we work, connect with others, and seek entertainment.

However, this ever-evolving digital realm demands that apps stay attuned to the latest trends to survive the growing and often rapidly changing competition. For instance, the COVID-19 pandemic compelled people to stay at home, resulting in a substantial increase in the demand for online dating, fitness, and work-related apps.

In this intricate mapping, Truman Du highlights the most popular apps in 2022, utilizing download data monitored by the Business of Apps.

  1. TikTok – Entertainment – 672M
  2. Instagram – Social – 547M
  3. Facebook – Social – 449M
  4. WhatsApp – Social – 424M
  5. Telegram – Social – 310M
  6. Subway Surfers – Games – 304M
  7. Stumble Guys – Games – 254M
  8. Spotify – Music – 238M
  9. Shein – Shopping – 229M
  10. Messenger – Social – 210M

These numbers not only reflect prevalence but also the diversity of categories dominating the landscape of the most downloaded apps, providing a fascinating insight into the intersection of technology and everyday life. What the future holds for this dynamic landscape remains to be seen as we continue to witness the exponential evolution of apps in our lives.

Text credits:By Journalist Flávio Bergmann

photomontage: by Vinícius Pascoal


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