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Brazilian Chocolate: USA Emerges as a Highlight Importer of the Sweet Treat

The “made in Brazil” chocolate industry continues to delight taste buds worldwide, and its rise is evident in export statistics. In 2022, Brazilian chocolate exports reached an impressive mark of $142 million, representing a robust increase of 12.7% compared to the previous year and marking the second-best result in the last two decades. In 2023, official numbers have not been released yet, but the fact is that the numbers will continue to follow the growth, and the reality is that Brazilian chocolate has been conquering the world in general.

North American consumers, along with those in Latin America, play a crucial role in this scenario, with the United States standing out as one of the main buyers of Brazilian chocolate. The quality of the exported products has been a crucial factor in this success, driven by the growing specialization and refinement in production, such as the innovative combination of chocolate with Amazonian fruits like cupuaçu, bacuri, and açaí.

International recognitions, such as the prestigious Academy of Chocolate award in London for the Gaudens Cupuaçu chocolate from Pará, and Brazil’s classification as a 100% exporter of fine and flavor cocoa by the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO), have solidified the credibility of Brazilian products in the global market.

Fábio Pizzamiglio, director of Efficienza, a company specialized in international trade, emphasizes that the exceptional quality of Brazilian chocolate has been a crucial factor for its acceptance in the international market. He notes that the preference for products with a low environmental impact has also contributed to attracting more international buyers to national products.

Brazilian producers’ efforts to ensure sustainable production, from cocoa tree planting to innovative production techniques, have been fundamental to maintaining the excellence of exported chocolates. Such practices not only meet the growing demand for high-quality products but also reflect the increasing environmental awareness on the international stage.

Highlighting the role of the United States as one of the main destinations for Brazilian chocolate exports, Pizzamiglio emphasizes the importance of investing in product transformation processes to add more value. The growing demand for Brazilian chocolates in the USA underscores consumers’ appreciation for quality and attractive products, emphasizing the relevance of adapting to international preferences to further boost sector exports.

As the seventh-largest global cocoa producer, Brazil continues to expand its presence in global markets, with exports primarily targeting Latin American countries. However, the spotlight is now on the United States as one of the main importers, indicating a promising growth trend in Brazilian chocolate exports.

Text credits:By Journalist Flávio Bergmann

photomontage: by Vinícius Pascoal

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