Business - March 5, 2018

AGRITECHNICA: ‘Green future – Smart technology’

Agritechnica, over a half of a million people from different countries, circulate through the fair each year on Hannover (Germany). All these people have a similar goal, to get to know cutting edge technology on the agricultural business.

“With 2,803 exhibitors and 450,000 visitors, including more than 100,000 from outside Germany, Agritechnica has further extended its leading role as the global industry gathering for agriculture and agricultural machinery,” said Dr. Reinhard Grandke, Chief Executive Officer, DLG (German Agricultural Society).

“The innovations presented at Agritechnica under the main theme ‘Green Future – Smart Technology’ offer agriculture the best conditions for sustained intensification of production, which aims at further increasing efficiency while at the same time conserving resources. Digitization is a driver of innovation here.”

In 2017, Brazil’s biggest agricultural machinery company, AgroBravo, took a group of directors, employees and important clients to the fair. They were accompanied by 2 mechanical engineers to facilitate the comprehension of how the new tech would change and benefit the work done now.

The group was also treated with tours to Bayers research centers and the John Deere and New Holland factories.

Among the novelties and ideas presented on 2017 we can put the spotlight on these:

1 – Robotics is coming with full force

2 – ISOBUS will run the world

3 – Non-chemical weed control technologies

And, of course, as in all good technology fair, there were a few weird and wacky ideas. You can check them out clicking here.

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