Today on Fantastic Floridas: Audioanimatronic Nixon awaits the newest addition to the Hall of Presidents

Are you reading Fantastic Floridas? If not, you should be. It’s Burrow Press’ website exploring “the intersection between Florida, literature, art, culture, and the uncategorizable.”(Art by John Hurst via Fantastic Floridas)

Yes, they’re very intellectual over there at Burrow Press, so it’s less Pub subs, more poetic inspiration than, say, this website. But a balanced diet is a good thing. (Sharks and gators, both of us have those by the hundredweight.)

But if you’ve never dipped in to Fantastic Floridas, this would be a good day to start: Today’s story is “An Audioanimatronic of Richard M. Nixon Awaits the Next Executive Addition to the Hall of Presidents” and it is, well, fantastic.

John King (host of the “Drunken Odyssey” podcast) plunks us in the paranoid, self-righteous first-person stream of consciousness of America’s 37th president, as he contemplates the installation of the 45th in a certain Disney exhibit. It’s bitter to the sweet, sweet end.