Alfa Giulia QV Challenges BMW M3 on Amazing Roads

Alfa Giulia QV Challenges BMW M3  – Ugh…I’m currently debating M2 vs M3 comp for my next car. When I got my 235 I extensively drove the M3/4 and just couldn’t get over the lack of connection with the road.

Every time the 235 put a bigger smile on my face. Now with the comp package it seems to of fixed some of that feeling.

But this video along with others makes it out to be just 90% there. I’m thinking I should be looking at M2 VS The Alfa. Then again any BMW is going to be more reliable then the Alfa

The M2 is just about driving perfection so it’s making this choice tough. If only the M2 had the residuals of the M3 this would be a no brainer choice…

Not knocking the M3/4 they are beastly Cars and are far from boring, it’s just the connection I want with the road. Maybe I’m splitting hairs here. I haven’t drivin the M3 with comp pack yet so maybe this will help.